Your Coffee Tree

Now you can have your own coffee tree on our farm as well as the history in pictures on a web site.

The tree ownership program gives you a number of choices, You can have a one year program and receive 50 of the 7 ounce bags (198 grams) of coffee or you can have the 1/2 year program and receive 25 of the 7 ounce bags.

You can also choose the color of the coffee bag and the roasting style. You can choose the label you like with or without your own name on it in English or another langauge. Each coffee tree ownership program comes with your own web page which we will update every 4 or 5 months depending on the growing season.

1 year (50 bags) $1200.00

1/2 year (25 bags) $650.00

You can see the pictures of the flowers blooming and the coffee beans as they form. Also when they are ripe and we pick them for you. We will make a sign saying that this is your tree. And of course you are always welcome to come and visit it on the farm.

To see a few private coffee trees,