How to Order

Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

All of our Coffee is certified by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and 100% guaranteed.

After placing an order if you decide to cancel before shipment there is no charge. If you decide to cancel after shipment is made you may return coffee for full refund of coffee but we are sorry we cannot refund shipping cost.

Also we cannot refund cost of custom label printing. Most of our shipping is done by US Postal service (USPS) EMS which we find to be cheapest and best. We charge you our cost with no handling fee or packaging fee.

Shipping cost

These are new priority mail rates for shipping inside the US.

Express mail for U.S. domestic shipping available on request. Delivery confirmation cost is $0.50 Return receipt $3.50 charges only our cost from the post office and no extra handling fees!

These are the OCS (kaigai shimbun fukkyu) shipping rates for Japan. charges only our shipping cost with no extra handling fees!


If for some reason the coffee bag arrives broken, you can return it and we will send you a new bag from Hawaii.

Please ask us if you desire a different method of shipping or sea-mail. We want you to Love Love's Coffee!