Coffee Types

All Love Family Farms coffee is inspected by the State of Hawaii for grade and quality.

Coffee grades in Hawaii are:

Extra Fancy

Considered the finest, this bean is huge and full of flavor. This is thought by many to produce the finest coffee in the world. Extra fancy from Kona sells out every year . Demand is so great , auctions are held for crops yet to be grown!


Slightly smaller beans than extra fancy with the same robust yet mild flavor that has made Kona coffee loved the world over.

Number 1

This the backbone of Kona coffee and what is regarded as high end standard. offers only #1 or better grade in its packages.


Almost all commercially sold Kona coffee is prime. We sell our prime to the coop who sells it to other companies for use in blends or as ground coffee for restaurants.


In most coffee beans, there are 2 beans per cherry (raw coffee). Peaberry coffee is when there is only 1 bean per cherry. The peaberry bean is more dense and gives a slightly different flavor than regular bean coffee. Some people enjoy it more than extra fancy!

Kona Pacific Farmers Coop

Much of our coffee is processed by the farmers coop here in Kona. Their dedication to quality and many years of experience in processing coffee always insures the best possible cup. Coop workers come from coffee producing families and truly love the unique taste of Kona coffee.


At Love Family Farms we have a variety of coffee growing including our special hybrid which we started in 1992 as an experiment in cross pollination. Most arabica coffee grown is red when it is ready to pick.

Some types of coffee are yellow. What we have done is to cross these two and plant the seeds from the original trees so that they produce an orange colored coffee which is really delicious when we process by hand in the 100 year old method of production. The beans are hand picked and pulped, as well as hand sorted. Custom roasting to just a little more than medium gives this special coffee a unique and unusual taste. Perfect for after dinner or as an afternoon delight.

Where as most coffee grown in Kona is soaked or fermented overnight, we use an unusual hot water bath developed by Ed Fukunaga from the University of Hawaii in the 1950's.This process is unique in the way it seals in the special flavor of our hand made coffee.

Ground or Whole Bean

There is a difference in taste between ground and whole bean. You can tell the difference in taste between fresh coffee that you grind yourself and coffee that was ground before shipping. Although we sell ground coffee and offer it as samples, if you love coffee, then you will want to get a small grinder and do it yourself. Wait till you taste the difference!