About Our Farm

Love Family Farms ( Ken & Margy Love) Back in 1984 I was sent to Kona Hawaii to take pictures of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival which takes place each November.

The moment we met the farmers here and visited their homes and tasted 100% pure fresh Kona Coffee we knew we wanted to share in this life style.

The taste of Kona Coffee was too good to keep to ourselves and now you can share it too. We learned the original style of farming from Mr Takashiba and Mr Egami who spent their whole lives in the coffee fields to produce the best cup possible.We also learned from the University of Hawaii and how they incorporate modern technology into farming of coffee.

We spent the last 15 years learning the art of grafting to produce coffee trees with the best fruit possible and merged old and new farming styles to produce the best quality coffee you can find offline!