Please come visit Ken & Margy on the farm! (Vertual Farm01)
img/_1momoko_visits_fig.jpg, 2.7K1momoko visits fig
Momoko planted this fig tree onher first visit to Hawaii more than 10 years ago! Now we can harvest many figs and make good jam from them!
516 x 800

img/_2momoko_&_jun.jpg, 3.6K
2momoko & Jun
When Momoko and Junichi found each other and got married, they came to Kona and planted cinnimon trees. Momoko showed Jun chan her fig tree and they helped Ken pick coffee.
602 x 514

img/_3_c_pixy___axe.jpg, 2.4K3 c pixy axe
Pixy (Yukio) swings a pick axe into lava rock in order to plant his favorite macadamia nut tree. Yukio and his wife Yukie also got married in Kona and came back to plant a cherimoya tree. Do you know about cherimoya? It is one of the most sweet delicious fruits there is!
516 x 800
img/_3a_saki_-12-91.jpg, 2.9K3a saki -12/91
Pixy, Saki, Ken and Xavier with Saki's Star fruit tree. Now this tree is over 5 meters tall and we can enjoy its fruit.
800 x 516
img/_3b_saki_starfruit.jpg, 2.7K3b saki starfruit
After planting the starfruit tree Ken took a picture with Ayane chan, saki's daughter
439 x 680

img/_3d_xavier.jpg, 3K3d xavier
Back in Osaka Xavier models his Ken's Kona Slave T shirt to show he survived hard farm life! 728 x 956
img/_4_hotdog1.jpg, 3.7K4 hotdog1
Master farmer in Takasaki and Kona! Hotdog enjoys farm life where ever he goes! Besides picking coffee, Hotdog planted many coffee trees and a Jabotecaba tree which ken gives some beer too each month. Beer lover Hotdog believes that a good bottle will help the tree grow stong andgive good fruit. I wonder if the jabotecaba fruit will taste like beer! Let's hope so!
1032 x 821
img/_5_hotdog-angel.jpg, 3.6K
5 hotdog/angel
Hotdog poses with Angel Magana from the Kona Pacific Farmers Coop. Angel is one of the hard working farm helpers in Kona and his picture is in many Big Island guide books like the one from Daimond Sha publishing in Japan.
1168 x 816

img/_6a_taka1.jpg, 3K6a taka1
Otaka san swings the pick axe which is as big as her in order to plant a lychee tree! She hopes to come back to Kona and relax under the tree which has already grown to 2 meters in height.
1050 x 1582

img/_6b_taka_lychee.jpg, 2.5K6b taka lychee
Otaka's lychee tree is called the kaimana type which gives a big sweet fruit and has a very small seed.
516 x 800
img/_6c_taka_2.jpg, 3.4K6c taka 2
Otaka san also likes to view the beautiful flowers around Kona.
1598 x 989

img/_6d_taka_tiki.jpg, 2.7K6d taka tiki
She also enjoyed a visit to some of the intersting historical places around Kona like Pu'uhonua O Honaunau, National Historic Park. 800 x 516
img/_7_saitos_.jpg, 3.5K7 The Saito's .jpg
Taka and Masako own a coffee tree on our farm and come to visit every year. They are great slave workers too and really love Kona!
1063 x 1417

img/_8_sakata.jpg, 3.1K8 Sakata San The Sakatas are also coffee tree owners and come to visit their tree. Isamu san is a great coffee picker and can get a job in Kona anytime!
800 x 516
img/_9_kaz_&_crew.jpg, 3.7K9 kaz & crew
Joke Master Kaz bows to thank his coffee picking crew Ken, daughters, Yumi and Mari, Oyabun Hotdog and Ken's son Rob who is also the pastry chef at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. If you want to read some of Kaz's funny jokes in English or Japanese, you have to join Niftyserve and visit the English forum.
960 x 742

img/_9-1_mizo_.jpg, 4K9-1 mizo .jpg
Ken's old friend and coffee tree owner Mizoguchi san with our special hybrid coffee.I can never thank Mizoguchi san enough for all his help over the years in Japan.
600 x 480
img/_9-2_varney.jpg, 2.4K9-2 Tom
Tom is another old friend who finally got to Kona and decided to plant a Surinam Cherry tree. Also known as pumpkin cherry, the small fruits have a very unusual taste and make anb excellent jelly, syrup or sauce for cooking.
1624 x 1099

img/_9-3_momo_&_mom.jpg, 3.3K9-3 momo & mom.jpg Compuserve Japan forum member momo came to visit Kona with her mom and enjoyed a day on the farm. Momo's mom also loved to see Margys cross stitch and crafts.
1024 x 768
img/_9-4_tomoko_&_mom.jpg, 3.7K9-4 tomoko & mom Tomoko and her mom enjoyed their visit to the farm. Tomoko's husband Grant better get everyone back here for a visit soon and prove that Canadians know how to pick coffee too!
360 x 288

img/_9-5maki_&_coffee.jpg, 2.6K9-5maki & coffee
Maki chan is Ken & Margy homestay daughter from a long time ago. Usually we never sayhomestay since Maki is just like a real daughter and sister to Jennifer, Rob and Chris. Maki and her whole family area always welcome at our house.
439 x 680
img/_9-6_maki_&_avo.jpg, 2.1K9-6 maki & avo
Maki chan loves avocado so she decided to plant a Yamagata avocado tree. The Yamagata type is not like the regular avocado found in Japan or mainland America, its a gourmet Hawaiian Avocado named for pioneer agriculture specialist Heiji Yamagata who develeoped it. Kona Hawaii avocados are the best in the world and and in fact, youhave never eaten a really good avocado until you had one from Kona.
680 x 439

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